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Woman Accusing Nicki Minaj Of Harassment Goes On GOOD MORNING AMERICA!!

Jennifer Hugh, the woman accusing Nicki Minaj of harassment, is going to be telling her story on Good Morning America next week, MTO News confirmed.


Jennifer is currently suing Nicki, and has already told her story to dozens of media outlets, including The Real last month. Now she's telling her story on an even bigger platform GMA, MTO News has learned.

Here's proof:


Jennifer Hough, filed suit against the rapper and her husband, Kenneth Petty, in Brooklyn federal court on August 13.

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Petty was convicted of attempted rape for attacking Hough in 1994. (While Petty’s conviction was for attempted rape, Hough claims he raped her.) Hough alleged in the lawsuit that Minaj “directly and indirectly harassed Plaintiff to recant her legitimate claim that Petty raped her,” and also alleged that Minaj indirectly or directly “attempted to intimidate” and “indirectly threatened” the plaintiff. The lawsuit also pointed to Minaj’s repeated statements that her husband was “wrongly accused.”

According to the lawsuit, Jennifer claims that Nicki "harassed" her and tried to get her to say that her husband's rape conviction was a lie.

We're all for Jennifer getting her day in court, but is anyone else a little concerned over the level of press she's getting. It's almost like there is a concerted effort out her ego destroy Nicki.

Next thing up - this lady is going to be testifying before Congress against Nicki