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Jennifer Garner is reportedly "really proud" of Ben Affleck and his journey to maintain a sober life.

Back in August, Affleck returned to rehab once more, and Garner was pictured driving him to the residence. The admission would be the third time for Affleck in 17 years.

A source close to Garner revealed the following to HollywoodLife:

"Jen is really proud of Ben for doing whatever he feels is necessary to focus on his sobriety at this point. If that means Ben shouldn’t date anybody, and take the time to concentrate on his health and happiness, then she’s all for it."

Another friend close of added:

"Jen is convinced that Ben will take this latest stab at sobriety as seriously as possible and is happy that he is continuing to make himself better because he is a great father and a great man. She supports anything he does to make himself better because he is the father of her children and she will always hold a wonderful piece of her heart for him. Their marriage and romance may be over but they will always be a part of each other’s lives and she wants it to be as successful and healthy as possible. She wouldn’t want it any other way.”