Jennifer From BASKETBALL WIVES . . . Likely Joining The ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES!! (Details)

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Jennifer Williams from Basketball Wives has been approached to appear on the Atlanta Housewives, MTO News confirmed. Producers are hoping to bring Jennifer in as a last minute addition to the cast - because footage so far has been "boring."

Producers have realized that they made a HUGE mistake with casting, and are exploring NON-TRADITIONAL means in an attempt to save the upcoming season.

MTO News learned the production for the Atlanta Housewives is in a FULL BLOWN PANIC. So far the footage from this season is "boring", according to two member so the production team. One producer told MTO News, "The [Girls] trip to Japan was a disaster. Nothing happened. The most exciting thing that happened was karaoke and some twerking. We have to shake things up."

And shaking things up, is EXACTLY WHAT THEY'RE DOING. Jennifer Williams has been approached to join the cast of Atlanta Housewives, and she's already begun filming. MTO News confirmed that Jennifer filmed a SCENE this weekend with Nene and Cynthia in Los Angeles. It's not clear whether the two sides have reached a final agreement on Jennifer's status for this season, but CLEARLY she will be on the show.

MTO news broke the news last month that Jennifer QUIT Basketball Wives mid-season. While arguing with Shaunie and Evelyn on camera, she WALKED OFF SET. Jennifer did not return for filming, and did not attend the reunion show either.