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Jennifer From Basketball Wives Lies About Private Jet!!

Jennifer Williams gets her #BowWowChallenge moment

This week reality star Jennifer Williams shared a glamorous photo on Instagram showing the Basketball Wives star lounging on a private flight. Unfortunately it was all lies.  

Here's the image that Jennifer posted online, which received thousands of likes from her envious fans:

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 3.16.38 PM-2

The problem is that Jennifer's private jet is actually just an art installation called The Private Jet Experience at the Fred Segal store on Sunset Blvd in LA.

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 11.01.32 AM-2

Now she's being called out on social media, for participating in the Bow Wow Challenge.

The Bow Wow Challenge is when people post photographs of themselves in supposedly glamorous situations, though the pictures are either clearly photoshopped or revealed to be staged.

The trend started after rapper Bow Wow posted a picture of a private jet that he was supposedly getting on to begin a tour, but he was photographed on a commercial airline flight moments later.

The fans roasted Jennifer for showing off in a phony picture.

“Wow this is so fake. This is a mock up of a G550. There’s no bulkhead monitors, the spacing between the forward and aft facing seat are wrong so if you know PJ’s like I do you pay attention to the detail. Like look there’s no seat adjustment lever on your seat to move or recline. But hey live yo life!!!”

“Cute pic but I’m sure its one of those “Private Jet Experience” photos… but you still cute tho”

“She doing the bow wow challenge lol”

One fan dragged Williams pretty bad about the photo and also mentioned the drama she was involved with during season 7 of “Basketball Wives of LA.” “Omg @jenniferwilliams who let you put a home recliner in the basement but didn’t vacuum first to look like your on a private jet then took the pic just as you sip your beverage. No control levers, seat adjusters and no other seats period. Oh wait, I forgot you ran all your friends off, so don’t need additional seating my bad. Nice pic and looking up to date in the pic though but Im smelling something.”