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Jennifer Aniston's Husband . . . LEFT HER FOR A BLACK GIRL!! (PICS)


Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux announced their divorce earlier this year - and now we see Justin's new girlfriend.

Jennifer's ex was spotted out with a very pretty African American girl, as the two frolicked around New York City this weekend.

Before DROPPING Jen, Justin and his movie star ex were one of the hottest couples in Hollywood. In fact, the POWER couple were married for two and a half years. Since Justin and Jen broke up she has allegedly been devastated and relying very closely on her friends for support. From the reports it seems like she isn't really ready to date yet. While Justin on the other hand is getting down with the SISTAS.

Guess he wanted some of that DARK MEAT . . .

Here is the first pic of the woman

Here is the second pic

As you know Aniston was previously married to Brad Pitt before Angelina Jolie SNATCHED him away from her.

Jen, 49-years-old and Justin, 46-years-old met WAY BACK in 2007, but didn't start dating until 2011, a year later they got engaged in 2012. They then exchanged wedding vows in 2015.

The couple separated because according to People Magazine, “During his relationship with Jen, Justin’s life in N.Y.C. was always very different from his L.A. life,” an Aniston source said in February 2018. The source continued, "“In N.Y.C., he acted more like a single guy. He went out with his single friends and sometimes would have very little contact with Jen for days.”