Twitter Outraged Jeffrey Epstein Documentary Is Not Receiving Same Attention As R. Kelly


Netflix aired their documentary Jeff Epstein: Filthy Rich this week, and while there have been a few articles here and there about the four-part series -- viewers are upset that the doc has not been given the same energy as the Surviving R. Kelly series.

In the documentary, several alleged victims of the billionaire financier detailed their experiences of sexual abuse and rape at the hands of Epstein, who allegedly ran a pyramid scheme of sexual abuse.

After finally being brought to justice, Epstein reportedly hung himself in his cell, but the women in the doc pointed fingers towards Prince Andrew, whose name has been mentioned before in connection with the allegations.

Other high profile celebrities and politicians appeared to be somehow connected and implicated but also have not yet been brought to justice, including Epstein's alleged Madam -- Ghislaine Maxwell, who has not been served by the courts because they cannot locate her to serve her with legal papers.

Twitter wants to know why Epstein, who allegedly prayed on and exploited underage girls for decades, is not under the same scrutiny Kelly underwent after Lifetime's documentary first aired.