Jeffrey Epstein Allegedly Warned Victims' Attorney Of 'Friends In High Places'

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Deceased billionaire Jeffrey Epstein reportedly once warned his victim's attorneys of going against him because he had "friends in high places."

Bradley Edwards — the attorney for several of the late Epstein's accusers — revealed that Epstein hired people to watch his wife and sons.

 "He called me to tell me, 'Look, I don't like the way you're prosecuting me and I don't like the way you're trying to undo my immunity deal. You have to understand that I have friends in high places. I will drop my lawsuit against you if you will drop everything that you're doing against me.'"

Edwards added, "Brad, if you keep prosecuting me in this way, somebody's heading to get hurt." 

Edwards refused to settle and Epstein was compelled to make a entire apology in a letter study in courtroom in 2018.

He died in jail in August after committing suicide, although many have questioned how he was able to kill himself in the high security facility.