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Courtney Wild, one of Jeffrey Epstein's victims, has urged other victims of the disgraced financier to step forward.

Wild held a press conference in Manhattan alongside her lawyers:

"To all the victims of Jeffrey Epstein, my name is Courtney Wild, and I was sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein as a child," Wild said. "If you are a victim of Jeffrey Epstein, then you know what I know: he will never stop sexually abusing children until he is in jail."

Wild explained that she "never had the chance for my voice to be heard" because of the secret plea deal.

In February, a federal judge ruled that prosecutors had violated victims' rights by keeping the agreement secret.

"As long as the victims speak up, he isn't going to get away this time. If you have already made the decision to come forward, thank you," Wild said. "If you have not, the time is now."