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Jeffree Star And His 'Messy Scammer' Basketball Boyfriend Are Getting BACK TOGETHER!!

Makeup guru Jeffree Star is now saying that the claims made about him by his ex-boyfriend, Andre Marhold, were false.

The pair had a bitter public breakup with Jeffree accusing Andre of stealing from him via social media. Andre then responded, and accused Jeffree of calling him racist names and paying him $10,000 to pretend to be in a relationship. A move to clean up Jeffree's image -- as he has been accused several times of being racist.


Now Jeffree is saying that Andre did not make those allegations -- somebody who was impersonating him did.

"I was recently hanging out with someone -- some would call it dating. Some would call it f*ckking. I was hanging out with someone. We are not hanging out anymore and there was a lot of online activity about it, and long story short is a random person made a fake account of Andre and proceeded to make up a bunch of crazy stuff about me for, like, we're going on like a week plus now," he said in the video.

He continued: "Now most people have common sense and they know that it wasn't real but it was convincing for a minute and now they're scamming people out of money and it's turned into a whole crazy legal thing, but I can't believe people were falling for fake news, posting about it."