Jeezy 'Upset' Over Alleged Atlanta Voter Suppression


Rapper Jeezy posted a video to Instagram, expressing his concern over the way the Atlanta primary was handled -- and he says he’s very "upset" about it all.

"I went to vote two days ago in Atlanta, Georgia, home, and I must say I was very upset at the way things were handled. Long lines, they shut down the polls at a certain time so that means people there didn't even get a chance to vote," he says in the video.

"If you didn't know your official's name and it wasn't on the ballot you wouldn't even know who you was voting for so you gotta research that. The machines didn't work so you can already tell we were at a disadvantage. So imma say this, we gotta get on the same page people. If we can show up at a Falcons game for a tailgate party, we could show up at the polls in numbers and forces. "

During the day of voting, many people across the state complained of long lines, broken machines and many other complications. An investigation has been launched following cries of voter suppression.