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Jeezy wants y'all to know that he's still got it - and posted a topless pic showing off his flawless pecs on the Gram!

"I Gave em the shirt off my back, they still doubted me...

Little did they know, doubt is the best form of MOTIVATION known to man kind‼️ 8.23 #TheLegendofTheSnowman #TM104," he said promoting his upcoming project.

His bare chest had the ladies in a frenzy:

"Next time give'em yo pants too!! I'm tryna see something real quick 🧐🤷🏾‍♀️😩," one admirer wrote.

"Sweet Baby Jesus." wrote another.

Another commented, "Whew Chile hold my mule while I shout 🙌🏾😂"

Last month, he spoke about his upcoming project, which is said to be his last:

"I kept it me and I kept it solid. All the records that I did, even the ones that didn’t make the album, they were all true to me. It’s what true thug motivation means. Just like everything that I've done, I put my heart into it like it was my first album. Like it was my first adlib, like it was my first rodeo. I didn't go into this saying I've got millions of records under my belt, or I got other things going on so I can't focus," he told Billboard.