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Jeannie Mai Says Jeezy Put A Stop To Her 'Hot Temper'

Jeannie Mai says her rapper husband Jeezy helped her to work on her bad temper.

"I have a really hot temper. Not a lot of people know this, but it's just something in my family… But I didn't notice it in myself until I was with Jeezy," she told Shan Boody.

"It has to do with the type of relationship you have and the type of respect you have for that person… I didn't notice that I had a hot temper until I got with Jeezy," she said.


"Here's a person who is my equal and I really respect, and when I would spew some of my old habits, he was like 'Nuh-uh! That's not flying here.' And also it would trigger him to come back at me… So through work we learned that we both have certain habits that the everyday person... friends, family, fans... will never see. But to the person who loves us deep enough, you can press that button and boom -- he dragon comes out. And we both have it, so we had to work on that. But he never told me to fix my temper–I just saw it and [wanted to change it]."