Talk show personality Jeannie Mai revealed that she was once abused by a family member which subsequently led to her falling out with her mother.

Speaking on an episode of her Youtube show, 'Hello Hunnay', Jeannie 'sits down with her mother Olivia TuTram Mai. Jeannie revealed that she was sexually abused by a male family member starting at the age of 9.

“We’ve talked before that we had a major falling out when I was about 16 until I was 24,” she says. “I’ve never actually talked about that incident with my mom since then. We’re talking for the first time about how that affected us.”

“We needed to find a babysitter, so we called upon a family member,” she continued. “He came over every single day and stayed with me after school.”

Jeannie revealed that the family member was 16 or 17 at the time the abuse started.

“I just remember one day this person sitting very close to me, we were playing video games, and he started to touch my thigh."

“I was also just stunned because I had never been intimately touched like that so I couldn’t tell if it was wrong, I just knew I was noticing it.”

“I remember him pulling me into that shower and it was the first time I have a seen a grown man and what he looked like,” she adds. “I remember him telling me to touch him in certain ways.

“This happened every day for a few weeks, and then it turned into months and I remember one year going by. I didn’t say anything because I was afraid.”

Jeannie then reveals that she attempted to tell her mom about the abuse when she was 13 but became frustrated with her mother's response. Her mother then claimed that she did not know what her daughter was trying to say, but Jeannie says that her mother did not believe her.

The incident caused the mother and daughter to be estranged for years.