The Real Cohost Jeannie Mai is still buzzing off her new romance with rapper Jeezy and said that folks should be "interresponsible" when they are in an interracial relationship.

"I think when you look at the word 'interracial,' you should really look at it as 'interresponsible.' It is a responsibility when you date outside of your race to learn about that culture because not everybody's experience is the same," she explained.

"When he [Jeezy] steps into my house, he takes off his shoes; he knows how Vietnamese people do it. When I met him, I was like, 'I want to go to Hawkinsville [Georgia]. Show me exactly this yellow house that you grew up in, and how did you start your business and how did you understand how to make a dollar.' I actually loved it," she said.

According to the talk show host, Jeezy makes her feel safe:

"I think right now the coolest thing about the relationship that I'm focusing on is learning what it means to feel safe. When you meet a man who is vulnerable enough to make you feel safe, it's your job, ladies, to protect and cherish them, or let them go where they find the right woman who's ready for that," she explained.

"Otherwise we go through life, and we have relationships, and then we get misled, we get cheated on, we get all these things that happen, and then the person who was willing to be safe is now recoiled and doesn't want to give that. So I'm going to treasure what he's given to me right now because I want to be safe."