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Jeannie Mai: I Want to Submit to Jeezy When We Are Married

Jeannie Mai, co-host of The Real, has confessed that she intends to fully submit to her man, rapper Jeezy after the pair tie the knot.

"So, I'm gonna say right here, that I, Jeannie Mai, going into my marriage-- I want to submit to my man," she said. "When I hear this definition...submitting has a negative connotation. It means that you are less important, you are lower than that person that you're submitting to. It usually can be like, you know, referenced as somebody who works lower than you and that's not what I'm referring to here."

Jeannie says that while she is a very "dominant" woman, she's happy for Jeezy to take the lead at home.

"I don't want to lead in our household and in our marriage," Jeannie continued. "I want him to lead, and I have all the essence of what I bring as a wife to make that decision, but that I love that my husband will be the man that leads. I like that structure in a marriage and I look forward to that because girls -- it's tiring being the boss of me. It's tiring leading all the time in my life."