Jeannie Mai From The Real Accused Of Getting 'Butt Implants'!! (Pics)


Did talk show host Jeannie Mai from The Real get her butt augmented after she started dating rapper Jeezy? Well, that's the rumor that MTO News is hearing.

And the rumors are coming from staff at Jeannie's daytime talk show.

MTO News spoke with two members of the staff at The Real, who told us that Jeannie's body began "changing" after she started dating the rapper.

One staffer told MTO News, "Jeannie is very skinny, even tinier than she looks on tv. And before dating Jeezy, her butt was completely flat. Like a typical Asian, flat."

The staffer continued, "Now she has a little bubble on her. It's not giant, because Jeannie is a tiny girl, but she grew a bubble out of nowhere, I think it's fake."

We gathered a few before and after pics, and there clearly is a difference between the before and after Jeezy pics.

Here are the pics of Jeannie Mai from before she started dating Jeezy:


And this is what she looks like now:

So what do you think, is her booty REAL OR CAP???