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Jay-Z Responds To Kanye West Calling Just Blaze A 'Copycat'

Jay-Z responded to Kanye West's comments on Drink Champs, where he called producer Just Blaze a "copycat."

"If you're making an album, if you're creating an album and the assignment is soul samples, everyone's coming with soul. It's not you trying to make a cohesive piece of music. I don't think anyone was copying off anyone. You know Bink! has this problem and you know I think everyone created for the project," he says in the clip.

"But the thing was, the baby was The Blueprint and I think everyone should be prized for what we created. You know it's in like -- I don't know what you call -- at the Library of Congress or something. It's like it's something that we all should or you know their contribution."

JAY-Z added, "Everyone had a contribution I would say, and I don't think anyone was copying off anyone. I think Bink! did what he did when he brought it to the table and you know, we all had the assignment and created this one body of work … Again, this is everyone's opinion of what they believe is, you know, their truth. Everyone going to have a different truth."