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Remember when Lori Harvey was caught flirting with Beyonce's husband at the RocNation brunch two weeks ago. Well on Sunday she attended Beyonce & Jay Z Oscar post-party.

Lori and Jay got into a bit of trouble two weeks ago, when video showing TV host Steve Harvey's daughter smiling and apparently flirting with Jay Z. The video quickly went viral.

Here's the video:

No word yet on what type of interaction that she had with Jay Z at the post-Oscar event. But the fact that she was even invited, says something.

Beyonce's fans were furious with Lori for the alleged flirting. Here's a sample of what they posted on Lorri's page. It got so bad, that Steve's daughter had to turn off her comments:


And yes, we have receipts that Lori was at the ultra-exclusive event at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. Here is a pic of supermodel Jourdan Dunn showing off the outfit that she chose to wear to the Jay Z & Beyonce Oscar party.

And here's Lori Harvey at the Jay Z event (notice Jourdann's outfit):