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Black Twitter was ecstatic to see Jay-Z and Beyonce remain seated during the Super Bowl LIV on Sunday, but unfortunately, there was no protest - Jay says he just couldn't hear what was going on.

Jay attended a Q&A at Columbia University on Tuesday, where he was asked whether he was trying to make a subtle political statement.

"It actually wasn't—sorry," Jay-Z said. Jay added that if he were - "I'd tell you... I'd say, 'Yes, that's what I've done.' I think people know that about me."

He continued: "What happened was, we got there, we were sitting, and now the show's about to start. My wife was with me, and so she says to me, 'I know this feeling right here.' Like, she's super nervous because she's performed at Super Bowls before. I haven't. So we get there, and we immediately jump into artist mode... now I'm really just looking at the show. Did the mic start? Was it too low to start? ...I had to explain to them [that] as an artist, if you don't feel the music, you can't really reach that level."

Jay added that he would not have put his daughter, Blue Ivy, who attended the Super Bowl with them - through such a thing.

"And if anyone who knows Blue … If we told her we were going to do something like that, you would have seen her attacking me 100 times. She's the kid that gets in the car and closes the door and says, 'Are we there yet, daddy?' So she would say, 'What time? Are we doing it? Are we doing it now? It's 7:05, daddy… It's 7:06.'"