Jay Z confronted Cardi B's Migos husband Offset, and gave him an old fashioned G-CHECK.

The incident popped off this weekend, backstage at the Minos-Drake concert in Los Angeles. According to social media reports, Offset was confronted - about a new song he is about to drop with Cardi entitled "Ur My Beyonce."

Here's what a top L.A. producer told MTO News, "Offset has a new song called Ur My Beyonce with Cardi. I heard that Jay Z didn't appreciate it."

The song is NOT disrespectful in any way, we're told. But it does use the word "b*tch" to refer to Beyonce in a loving way.

The producer continued, "Jay is shutting it down. He doesn't want his wife's name used like that."

And Jay Z appears to have let some of the BROOKLYN out on Offset on Saturday night, when the two crossed paths. 

A new video shows Jay Z confronting Offset. It's not clear that the two men are talking about the song, but Jay definitely looks upset with the Migos star.

Here's the video: