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Jay Z And Beyonce Release 'FAKE BABY PICS' . . . To Throw Off The Paparazzi!!


Yesterday two images of Jay  and Beyonce purportedly holding their twins Rumi and Sir circulated online. It turns out those pics were FAKES. MTO News showed you guys the REAL pics here.

The two images showed Beyonce and Jay Z holding "fake" babies. Well, the babies weren't fake - they just were NOT Sir and Rumi. The images were staged in order to "throw of paparazzi."

The pics went VIRAL yesterday online - and Jay and Bey's publicist announced that the pics were "NOT REAL." When asked if the babies Beyoncé is holding in the On the Run II tour intro video are her twins Sir and Rumi, a rep for the singer told BuzzFeed, "It's not." We'll update this article as more information becomes available.

Here is the first fake pic

Here is the second fake pic

According to online reports, Jay Z and Beyonce released "fake" baby pics - to throw off the paparazzi.