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Rapper Jay Electronica, the father of Erykah Badu's 10-year-old daughter Mars Merkaba Thedford, has claimed that the neo-soul singer belongs to him!

The pair were on Instagram live together, and Jay issued the following warning:

"If Erykah been flirting with any of you n*ggas in your DM, it’s all coming to a cease today.”

He continued:

“Erykah belongs to me. She’s my daughter… Fix your face don’t play with me on this Instagram with these people. She’s my first daughter, she’s my wife, she’s my baby mama, she’s my spiritual healer, and she’s my porn star. So all you n*ggas in this DM, get the f*ck out the DMs or you gonna have to deal with me.”

Erykah chimed in, "I just called you 'bout some child support."

It all appeared to be in jest, but fans of the former couple, who were in a relationship for five years - won't be too surprised. Jay Electronica once popped up during Erykah's interview with 'The Breakfast Club' and seemed overly protective of her.

Y'all think he wants her back?