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Jay Electronica Blasts Rabbi Abraham Cooper Over Nick Cannon Interview

Jay Electronica hopped on Twitter to put Rabbi Abraham Cooper on blast -- accusing him of lying during his interview on Nick Cannon's podcast.

"Rabbi Abraham Cooper is a COWARD who LIED to our brother Nick Canon (sic) about the history of the caucasian race," Jay tweeted. "Ask him does he stand behind the VILE TEACHINGS of the Talmud? Don't be a coward next time Cooper you DEVIL."

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He went on to say, "Sit down w The Hon. Louis Farrakhan or The Exec Council of the NOI and defend your claims and prove us wrong. WE are INDEED THE TRUE Children of Israel. And you are an imposter and birthright stealer as described in the scriptures. The ADL, THE WEISENALL CENTER… BRING EM OUT."

Cannon was dropped by ViacomCBS for making allegedly anti-Semitic remarks. He has since apologized before sitting down with Rabbi Cooper to have a full discussion about the Jewish religion.