Jax Taylor is not a fan of the new stars of Vanderpump Rules, calling the show's newbies "thirsty" in a recent interview.

"I've only hung out with one of them; the other ones are extremely young, very naive to the whole situation," Jax told HollywoodLife. 

"To me, some of them seem a little thirsty." 

The star recently wed his partner Brittany Cartwright, but there were reports of trouble in paradise just weeks after tying the knot. Undoubtedly, viewers will see some of the fallout in the upcoming season, which will feature several new cast members.

"The one guy that I do really like is Brett. I think he's an amazing guy. He's a hard worker, he's comfortable around all of us. It's a very tough group to break in to, our group," he continued.

"We don't really allow new people to come in, just because we have such a history of all of us," he added. "And we have a lot of just…we're very close, and we just don't like people kind of breaking in to our circle, because we just don't know what their intentions are. It's nothing personal against these people, it's just, we like our group the way it is."