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Thursday was the blue carpet premiere of DC's Aquaman movie which stars Hollywood hottie, Jason Momoa.

Momoa stunned fans when he and several others performed the Haka in front of the press. Haka is a dance or challenge in Māori culture stemming from New Zealand

And of course, Twitter totally lost it!

Back in July, Momoa talked to EW about the grueling fight scenes:

"The fights on this were like nothing I’ve never done. There’s so many, and we’re also “underwater,” on these wires. So you’re doing stuff that your body’s not used to. We had two stunt guys that were constantly getting hurt. The acting parts I love. I’ll do that for free. The stunts were challenging because I’m a little bit older now. This is like the first film where I’ve started feeling s—. Because I did all my stunts in Justice League, and then on Aquaman there was just too many."

Aquaman is released Dec. 21.