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Jason Lee may have provoked the Barbz once again when he labeled them a "terrorist group" during a recent interview with The Breakfast Club.

Lee, who is close friends with Nicki Minaj's rival, Cardi B, says that he does not understand how he got caught in the middle - but judging from what he had to say about the Barbz - he wants all the smoke!

"Even with the whole fighting Cardi - that had nothing to do with me. I didn't care about that. What I had an issue with was when it became personal, my phone number getting leaked. [Nicki] gave me "cocksucker of the month" - which, by the way, I wore that like a badge of honor," he told the morning radio hosts.

He continued:

"Buy the records. Buy the tickets to the show. Buy her merch. Fund her career. Figure out how to get her trucks loaded up in London or wherever the f*ck them shows are getting canceled. Get her shows on. Don't worry about my Instagram... That's a terrorist group. Now that I'm in New York, they're riding around posting videos looking for Jason Lee. It's a terrorist group."

He is, of course, making reference to the belief that the Barbz do not spend money.

Watch the interview below.