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Janet Jackson Shows Off Her NEW FACE . . . Looks Like a MUPPET CHARACTER!!


Janet Jackson is 52 years old, and she may have destroyed her looks forever. Janet was spotted yesterday in Harlem, making a free appearance for her fans. And while she still had a very youthful look - her face was clearly OVERLY FACE LIFTED.

Janet, who has been having facial plastic surgery procedures for more than 30 years, may have finally destroyed herself. In the new images, her giant cheek implants and frozen forehead make her face look bizarre.

One fan called Janet a "Muppet." The fan wrote "Oh my God I thought that Janet was wearing a mask in the pictures."

Other fans are both sympathetic toward Janet and upset that she would destroy such a beautiful face.


“Who wouldn’t want to come out and see Janet Jackson perform, especially here at Harlem Week?” one woman told CBS2’s Reena Roy.

Fans of the legendary singer didn’t let the rain stop them from seeing her in their neighborhood.

“I’m a huge, huge fan of hers and I love her new song,” said another. “Now actually be able to see her up close and personal, it is Harlem, it’s pretty special.”

“It’s not all the time that you have someone like Janet Jackson come to New York City, especially for free,” a man added. 

Jackson was joined by Daddy Yankee – they took the subway together moments before going on stage. She was also honored by the MTA and Harlem Chamber of Commerce.

“Janet, you are truly a woman transforming the world,” one woman said.