Legendary singer/performer Janet Jackson and music icon Stevie Wonder are blood cousins. Janet made the revelation this weekend, during an interview with a BBC reporter.

During an interview on BBC Radio, Janet Jackson went into detail about her family, and extended relatives. And that's when Janet caught the host by surprise, and disclosed that she and the iconic musician were blood related.

Janet told th interviewer:

“People don’t know this one. Stevie [Wonder] is actually our cousin- on my mother’s side. We don’t talk about this…[but] yeah he is.”

When the radio host expressed his disbelief, asking Janet if anyone else knew that Stevie was their cuz,’ Janet had this to say:

“I’m the only one in the family that started talking about it just maybe, a couple years ago. He is really my cousin.”

Here's the video of Janet spilling some Jackson family tea:

According to sources, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder were third cousins. And they were around each other quite a bit when they were in LA in the early 70’s. You can heard Randy Jackson talk about it on Questlove’s Podcast on Pandora (Questlove Supreme). He talks about how how the whole family knew they were related to Stevie Wonder through his mother. Randy also talks about how Stevie spent a lot of time at the Jackson house once they moved to California.

For those of you that may not know, Randy Jackson was the “sixth Jackson” - he joined in 1971 as the drummer. He is of no relation to the completely different Randy Jackson from American Idol. Because the “Jackson 5” were concerned about the public being confused by a 6th member, they didn’t even acknowledge him in album credits and make him an official paid member of the band until 1975.