Janelle Monae has been extremely open about her bisexuality, and during a recent interview, she revealed that she knew that she was bisexual when she was only eight years old!

During an interview with PAPER Magazine, Janelle spoke about realizing at a very young age that she was attracted to both genders:

"I was like eight," she remembers. "I don't think I actually knew how I identified. I knew that I was attracted to women, girls, men, boys. I knew that." 

But she says she found it difficult to ask questions, for fear of being attacked or alienated:

"I've seen people get beat up because they were considered to be 'too feminine' or 'too masculine' for how they identified," she says.

"It was because of Black men who thought he was trying to come onto them, but he wasn't," Janelle continues, "It was their own ignorance and insecurity and fear that led them to lash out. When I saw that..." her voice trails off. "To be a gay Black man, and Black men are like the 'heads of the households' and I'm a Black woman, this young kid. I thought, then it's really over for me."

Janelle is now out and proud and reportedly dating Hollywood actress Tessa Thompsom.