MTO EXCLUSIVE: Singer Janelle Monae 'COMES OUT' . . . In Video With Rumored Girlfriend Tessa Thompson!!

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Singer Janelle Monae and actress Tessa Thompson have long been rumored to be a couple. According to multiple rumors - the two ladies are not only dating . . . but in LOVE.


Well, Janelle Monae just released a provocative new video PYNK. Many are saying that it is the "coming out" of the two women as a couple.

In the past, Janelle Monae has made it very clear that she is rejecting labels regarding her sexuality and it seems that she and Thompson are enjoying a happy, healthy relationship are slowly becoming more and more public.

“I am an advocate – I have friends who are in, you know, same-sex relationships and I think that love has no sexual orientation. Love has no religious beliefs. Love is the purest thing and one of the most important things that we can possess for ourselves and for others,” she once said during an interview with a well-known publication.

The video caused a frenzy online yesterday and trended worldwide on Twitter for the better part of the day. Fans have been losing their minds, applauding Janelle for her boldness. The video of from her upcoming album titled Dirty Computer.

Here's the video: