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Jamie Foxx was spotted out yesterday, enjoying a date with his rumored 19 year old girlfriend, Sela Vave. The couple have been all over the news, since it was reported that the two have moved in together.

Of course, Jamie is denying that there's anything romantic going on between them - but no one believes him.

Here are pics of them together, with Jamie pretending to be a photographer, and snapping pics for his teenage bae:


Sela is a 19 year old singer from South Jordan, Utah. She’s the eldest child and only girl born to Sarah Vave and Sione Vave.

Sela graduated from Providence Hall High School in Herriman in 2018. There, she played varsity basketball while pursuing a career in the entertainment business.

Officially, Jamie Foxx is Sela's "manager."

“She walked in, and everyone was like, ‘What’s up with the new girl?’” Foxx said of Vave during a radio interview introducing her. “Next thing I know, she’s sitting on my stairs with an acoustic guitar singing a broken down version of Beyoncé, and she wasn’t trying to be Fantasia or Whitney Houston. … I feel like she’s really going to make some noise.”

The Beat Shazam host is helping her produce her debut album, after she released her first single, “All the Time,” in 2018. She also moved into Jamie's home earlier this year, she says it's to pursue her music career.