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Actor/comedian Jamie Foxx is wearing a fake beard - that matches his recently purchased fake hairline.

Jamie unveiled his new false facial hair yesterday on Jimmy Fallon's show. And according to most observers, his new beard looks very fake.

Almost as soon as Jamie went on TV - he began trending on social media. People were laughing and making jokes about how "fake" his new false beard looked.

And the new beard isn't the ONLY false hair on Jamie. His hairline is also completely artificial.

Look at he above pic, taken before he got hairline replacement surgery.


Speaking of hair...According to Page Six, On “Good Morning America” this week, Foxx hilariously called out “Black Panther” star Michael B. Jordan for ripping off his hairdo in the Marvel blockbuster from Foxx’s ’do in the less auspicious 1997 comedy “Booty Call.”

Foxx also advised on how he avoids getting robbed, saying: “Stay off your Instagram telling everybody where you’re at . . . You better start posting that thing like three or four days after. And I ain’t got nothing in my house . . . That’s all it is — a house — if they want to take a house.”