The Good Place Jameela Jamil torched British journalist Piers Morgan after he slammed the decision for her to be included in the Duchess Meghan Markle guest-edited edition of British Vogue.

"NEW: One of Meghan's 'kind & inspiring' female-empowering Vogue 'heroines' is @jameelajamil- who called @Beyonce a 'stripper', said @MileyCyrus was a 'vagina with no platform' & told @Rihanna to 'put your m*nge away," Morgan tweeted.

Jameela made time to clap back at the Brit:

"My PINNED tweet is all of the mistakes I made, owning up to being problematic when I was young. I have nothing to hide. You are old, and still a problematic slut-shaming, fat-shaming, misogynist, irrelevant sh*t stain, smeared across our country."

"He is just the thirstiest bitch alive," she continued.

Somehow Piers Morgan always manages to place himself at the center of anything involving Black women. But Jameela really did read him for filth. 

"Yep. An especially critical eye for women in general. Coincidentally even more critical if we are brown/black..." Jameela responded to a fan who agreed that he's doing far too much.