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Jamaican Dancehall Star Gully Bop BEATS UP His Wife . . . On LIVESTREAM!!!


MTO News obtained EXCLUSIVE footage that shows Dancehall artist Gully Bop shortly after beating his wife.  The video was uploaded to LIVE - and showed the Dancehall artist's wife - calling the police.

Gully's wife was sitting on the veranda, repeated the statement and gave her location before Gully Bop approached her. She then ran into the house and he followed, “He is pulling on me now,” she continued. “Get off me Robert!,” she screamed. Gully Bop’s real name is Robert Lee Malcolm.

Here is the video

Gully is believed to have assaulted her while she was on the phone with officers.

We're told that police arrived shortly after the video cut off and took Gully into custody. The incident occurred in the Nutts River, Morant Bay section of Jamaica.

Gully Bop - a 53 years old Dancehall star who was rumored to be a drug addict, mentally ill, and homeless. - burst onto the scene when video of him rapping went viral. He eventually had multiple Dancehall hit songs.

Bop's earliest looks were two jagged, cellphone videos uploaded to Facebook, featuring a disheveled man in rags freestyling a cappella, with a quick-lipped flow that recalled formative deejays like Ninja Man and Shabba Ranks. Soon, local DJs ripped the audio and laid Bop's a cappellas over clean riddims that mimicked the minimalist, lyric-driven '80s dancehall sound Gully Bop seemed to revive with two freestyles.

Her was one of the videos: