Jam Master J's Alleged Killer Posted Dozens Of Pics Of DEAD RAP STAR On IG!! (Crazy)


One of the men arrested with murdering hip hop legend Jam Master Jay, had been constantly posting about the Run DMC DJ on his Instagram, MTO News has learned. It was like he had a sick obsession with the man whom he is accused of murdering.


Karl Jordan Jr aka Lil Dee aka Young Yadi aka King Yadi (along with Ronald Tinnard Washington) was arrested for the murder of Jam Master Jay. The two had been suspects in the rap legends murder since 2002, but were never charged.

MTO News learned that King Yadi was an aspiring rapper who purposefully shot his rap videos in front of Jam Master Jay’s mural, and posted dozens of pictures of Jam Master J on his Instagram. It's almost like he was obsessed with Jam Master J.

For now we should consider King Yadi innocent until proven guilty. But if he did kill Jam Master J, and then post all those pictures of a man he murdered - he is a PSYCHOPATH!!

Here's his music video, which was filmed in front of his mural:

Here's what he posted: