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Jake Paul Comes For Floyd Mayweather Again

Jake Paul is desperate for Floyd Mayweather's attention -- and has once again come for the champion -- accusing him of wanting attention?!

"He's an idiot, he's making himself look so stupid on such an important topic. … It's embarassing," Paul told Complex. "It doesn't get under my skin at all, everyone sees how out of pocket he is. I didn't even respond to it, because it's self-explanatory. Look at this guy -- who just got cooked, put on ice skates, fell on his ass, and tried to come back making his post about race? It's thirsty, that's what a rat would do. … It's just corny to me, it's bullsh*t."

He later adds: "What are you doing Floyd? Are you bored? Did you not pay your taxes? Do you just want attention because that's all you've wanted your whole entire life? Do you want money to validate you, to make you cool? Are you jealous of these young bucks coming over and taking boxing over? … What's going on there, Floyd? Something's off. He's ruining his legacy!"


Should Floyd step into the ring with Jake?