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JAILED Atlanta Husband Apollo Nida Is In TROUBLE . . . This Time . . . For BULLYING OTHER INMATES In Prison!!!


Apollo Nida, ex-husband to Phaedra Parks of the Atlanta Housewives is getting into trouble in prison, according to a recent report. The report, from Radar Online, clais that Apollo is not getting along with other inmates.

Here is what Radar Online is reporting:

“Apollo doesn’t respect the other inmates,” the source says. “He has no regard for simple etiquette.”

In one instance, the 37-year-old con man refused to wait in line for the microwave, and instead cut in front of the other men during mealtime.

Another day at recreation, he interrupted a pool session in order to start his own game.

“Apollo thinks he’s better than everyone else because he’s famous,” the insider explains. “Obviously, his behavior doesn’t win him any friends.”