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Jaguar Wright: The Roots Knew About R. Kelly!!

Jaguar Wright, the woman who accused rapper Common of sexual assault -- is alleging that The Roots knew that R. Kelly was preying on young girls.

"I know how grimy these n*ggas is. I know how thirsty they are and I know nobody's going to say nothing or do nothing, 'cause as long as you making people money, you can whatever the f*ck you want," she says in the clip.

"Look at R. Kelly. The Roots was around when that nigga was in the A Room sending his muthaf*ckin' driver off to go get girls from … what was that middle school? I know they picked up girls from Martin Luther King, they picked up girls from Gratz and they picked up girls from VAC, from the bad girls school up Allegheny."

She says that they tried to silence her by threatening her career.

"They brought 'em to the studio. They brought 'em to Larry Gold Studio. Everybody knew what the f*ck was going on in that room, but I was told to mind my muthaf*ckin' business if I wanted to keep my career. A member of The Roots told me, 'That ain't none of your business. That man makes people millionaires.' You f*ckin' thirsty bitches."