R&B Singer Jaguar Wright: Rapper/Actor Common Tried To Raped Me!!


Philly vocalist Jaguar Wright has accused Chicago rap legend Common of sexually assaulting her.

Jaguar says she was in bed with Common -- why she does not say -- "next thing we know we go to bed and he says, 'C'mon J.' No, I'm tired, n*gga. I was on the stage all night, I wanna lay down." 

Jaguar slept in her clothes because she's been assaulted before and didn't want it to happen again. After she fell asleep, she woke up to feeling something being pushed into her mouth.

"This n*gga tryin' to stick his d*ck in my mouth while I'm sleep. Lonnie f*ckin' Lynn. Rashid. Common. Whatever the f*ck you wanna call yourself. That's why I stopped f*ckin' with him. Because n*gga, if you gon' try to stick your d*ck in my mouth while I'm sleep, there ain't nothin' you won't do." 

She then continued to roast Common:

"You was with Serena, that didn't work out," she said, referring to tennis champion Serena Williams. "You was with whoever, you always got whoever's hot dating you, but the sh*t don't last long -- He ain't been right since Lauryn Hill left him anyway."

Jaguar claims that Common quickly moved onto Erykah Badu. "That song 'Booty' on that second album, she made that about me," she adds.