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Jaden Smith Releases A New NON-GENDER Clothing Line . . . Basically He's Selling DRESSES FOR MEN!!! (Dude May End Up . . . . Making A Fortune)

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When we FIRST learned that Will Smith's son Jaden was calling himself a non-gender and wearing dresses -- we were a little taken aback. But now it's all starting to make sense.

You see, Jaden just came out with a new clothing line - MSFTSrep- aimed at young non-gender males that like to wear dresses. Here's what he told Yahoo News:

[The clothing line is for] the boy who wants to wear a skirt, and people try to condemn. We’re here for you. Tell us your stories. If someone at your school’s trying to pick on you, it doesn’t matter because Jaden Smith’s got your back.

Jaden is looking to capitalize on the YOUNG THUGs of the world .. . . BRILLIANT!!