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The upcoming "Teen Mom 2" reunion show is expected to be explosive. MTO News just learned that during the taping, a fight broke out between the cast members - and Jade Cline and Ashley Jones went at it!

USA Today's Champion Daily first broke the news of the brawl, saying that "all hell broke loose" during the reunion taping, which took place in New York this past weekend.

Here's how USA Today is reporting it:

"A massive fight broke out and Jade and Ashley almost got into a physical altercation," adds the insider. "Ashley also tried fighting with the rest of her Young and Pregnant cast. Some of the girls began taking off their shoes and whatnot and security had to storm in. It was truly insane."

"Ashely kept going on all night long tagging Jade and Kayla [Sesser] and saying things like I’m at this place, come meet me. She kept tagging them where she's at hoping they would meet up with her so they could fight or something," continues the source. "She even tagged herself in the lobby of Jade's hotel. It was nuts."

Well, we did some digging ourselves and can confirm that there was in fact violence  between Jade and Ashley.

We spoke with a production official who told us that the reunion looked like a taping of Jerry Springer. There were fights everywhere according to our insider, and Ashley "dragged" Jade across the stage by her hair.