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Jadakiss has also weighed in on Mase's publishing issue with Diddy, stating that he would have handled the situation differently from Mase - who put Diddy on blast via Instagram.

"I think Mase gotta good enough relationship where he can go talk to Diddy," said Jadakiss to MreckTV.

"The way we did it on the radio with Angie Ma was different. We was young kids. We ain't understand business the way we do now being business owners and fathers and grown men about it," Jadakiss continued. "Mase had a better relationship with Diddy then we actually had. He can go talk to him."

The Lox famously got into a heated exchange with Puff over the airwaves back in 2005, but in the end, they settled with the music mogul.

"In [Mase] defense, I don't know how it's going down. He doing what he gotta do. I just know I would handle it different at this point in life," Jada said. "When we did the whole 'Let The Lox Go' campaign we was teenagers or in our early 20s. Everybody's grown men now... But I don't know what happened he might have tried [to talk to Diddy] and it ain't work."

Speaking to HipHopDX, Jadakiss also revealed that the group managed to walk away from their contract with Bad Boy after Styles P threw a chair at Diddy.

 "When Styles threw the chair at Puff. I ain't sure, but that was probably the last straw for that. Prior to that we was... conversations amongst the group and things of that nature, but after that little incident happened, I think that's when we decided to part ways."