Jada Pinkett's 64 Years Old Mom . . . Looks BETTER THAN JADA!! (Bikini Pics)

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Jada Pinkett Smith was once seen as one of the most beautiful women in all the world. But that was before she had multiple BOTCHED surgeries.

But if you want to see how Jada WOULD have aged, had she not "LIL KIMED" her face, check out her mom. Jada's got AMAZING genes.

Jada's mom Adrienne is now 64 years old, and her face, skin , and body look like a woman 25 years YOUNGER.

Here's what she looks like WITHOUT ANY MAKEUP. There doesn't appear to be a single wrinkle on her face:


And her body is just as spectacular as her face - maybe even more so. The woman has a six pack and a booty TOO!!


“64 and what? That part!!” the grandmother wrote to her nearly 20K followers.

According to Yahoo, "Her followers were stunned by Banfield-Norris’s fit form and wrote comments such as “What do you doooo,” “She can still get it,” and “Breathtaking.” Some demanded to know the grandmother’s workout routine, and one even commented, “I’m 23 and I don’t look this good.”

 She just launched a Facebook Live show with daughter Jada and granddaughter, Willow.

The series is called, Red Table Talk. On the 10-episode show, Banfield-Norris, Pinkett Smith, and Willow invite viewers into their home to discuss parenting, politics, and “personal growth,” as Pinkett Smith told Variety last week.

“When Jada asked me about doing the project, I was like, ‘Sure!’” Banfield-Norris, a nurse, told the Hollywood Reporter. “I don’t think I had any preconceived ideas or expectations of what it was gonna be. Listening to Jada talk about [how] it was a year of growth for her, I took advantage of that and just thought, ‘What is it about me that I would like to grow through in my own personal journey?’ I’m taking this experience to try to help myself with things like my own personal self-confidence, not caring so much what other people think about me.”