Jada Pinkett Smith has revealed that husband Will Smith also makes insensitive remarks about their daughter Willow Smith's menstruation.

"I understood that because I'm in this house with Will and he be saying the craziest stuff," Jada said on Monday's Red Table Talk, where she was joined by T.I. and his wife, Tiny Harris

 She continued, "He don't understand the level. And thank God he has me and he's got [daughter] Willow [Smith]…we educate that joker before he leaves this house. You know what I mean?" 

She added that "Willow has gone at her dad several times for very insensitive comments, whether it's around menstruation or, you know, 'You must be PMS-ing,' and she's like, 'That right there, we not gon' do that,'... Every day, it's a work in progress."

During Monday's episode of the show, T.I. apologized for the comments he made about his 18-year-old daughter's hymen, saying that his comments were just jokes.