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Jada Pinkett: Will Can CHEAT On Me All He Wants . . . I'll 'NEVER DIVORCE HIM'!!


Jada Pinkett is making news again - for some more OUTRAGEOUS comments. Jada has been doing the most ever since she got her own Facebook talk show called The Red Table.

She's been exposing all types of BIZARRE things in her marriage. Well now she's talking about how her marriage is UNBREAKABLE - no matter what.

Jada told Sway & The Morning's Shade 45 show that she will not divorce Will Smith no matter what.

Her and Will have been in headlines over the years for being on the edge of breaking up, But Jada makes it very clear that they will never get a divorce. Like, never.

“Here’s the thing about Will and I, it’s like, we are family, that’s never going down! It’s just not! Ever!” she said. “Yeah, because we are family—take out all that whole marriage, relationship, crap—at the end of the day, Will and I are family, I’m going to hold him down.”

We like her sentiment. But you should ALWAYS leave yourself options Jada.

Jada has been making crazy revelations for some time now, but especially more recently. In fact, MTO News reported that Jada Pinkett Smith is doing the MOST on her new Facebook show. She's exposing WAY TOO MUCH of her strange life - and bizarre childhood.

The latest revelation that she made was this week when she told the audience that she learned about the birds and the bees before she was even 10 years old. But wait there's more.

During a recent episode of her talk show, the 46-year-old actress says that when she was a child, her grandmother discussed sexuality with her.

"My grandmother taught me about self-pleasuring because she wanted me to know that that pleasure was from me. She didn’t want me to fall into the hands of a man, and if he gave me pleasure, to think that that was him. And she taught me at 9!"