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Jada Pinkett-Smith has previously shared that she was initially reluctant to interview Jordyn Woods - but in a recent interview, she says "behind-the-scenes' incidents made her decide to help Jordyn.

 "A lot of things transpired behind-the-scenes that made it imperative that we do it," she told Metro. "I really tried to wait to see if anybody else could do it. I felt like it was so new. I felt like, you've got one shot and I don't know if I'm the best place for that because of our relationship."

She added, "Like I said, there [were] so many things that transpired behind the scenes that it had to be done."

One can only assume that the Kardashians were plotting some major revenge against Jordyn, and Jada decided to swoop in and save Jordyn. The Kardashians are used to controlling the narrative, the Jordyn cheating scandal was a huge lesson in humility for the clan.