Jada Pinkett Smith Goes TOPLESS On LIVE . . . Is She Doing TOO MUCH?!!!

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Jada Pinett Smith is currently on vacation with her family - and husband Will. And she's making sure to include her fans on her trip - through social media. And yesterday Jada gave her fans a little MORE than they bargained for.

You see the 46 year old GOTHAM star posted pics of herself in a  bikini and then TOPLESS for her fans. So far the comments on Jada's body have been pretty positive.

But Jada has been doing the MOST recently. She has a new Facebook series RED TABLE - where she dishes TEA on her family. On that show Jada admitted to some very SHOCKING things.


“Since @willsmith got me look’n all crazy in his Daddy Dearest video … I had to push some ‘counter programming,'” Pinkett Smith joked in the caption of her Instagram.

In the playful video that inspired Jada’s revenge, her husband Will Smithshows his family rebuffing his efforts at filming Instagram footage as the family cruised near land on Sunday.

“Look pretty for my Instagram right now,” Will said to Jada in the clip.

When Jada refused to partake, he called to his equally unamused daughter, “Willow! Willow! Willow! Perform for my followers.”

According to People Magazine, "Earlier in their trip on the Amalfi Coast, Jada posted another body-baring picture overlooking the ocean."

Popular Instagram account @commentsbycelebs captured Will’s cheeky reply: “DAMN IT!!! I was sleep while she was doing this. I would’ve done like Leo in Titanic… except I may have had to ad-lib a little extra for the dvd.”

The voyage comes after a busy stretch for the group. Earlier in the week, Will wrote on Instagram of his packed schedule, “Just finished shooting @GeminiManMovie for 5 Months… Knocked Out the #WorldCup… Family Vacation Begins TODAY!”