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Jada Pinkett Smith has admitted to being "triggered" by white women with blonde hair during a race discussion on Red Table Talk.

As she opened up about her own biases and prejudices, she states that “Blonde hair on white women just triggers me... I’ve had to catch myself.”

 “All throughout my childhood. I do remember experiencing being teased by white women in regards to my hair, how I looked, feeling belittled. [...] I was going to do an interview with this blonde woman and I thought twice about it. I thought, ‘I don’t know if I want to do that.’ That was my first instinct because of how she looked! And I was like, ‘Oh! That’s no different.'”

She continued “That doesn’t give me the right to clump all blonde women in one... And look at me, I got blonde hair. It’s no different than you getting robbed by a black guy once and now you’re saying all black dudes are thieves and dangerous.”

But many viewers appeared to agree with Jada's opinion.

"We have to understand...if you study history...the white woman has been an instigator of women were black before they were women..although they are women,in AMERICA white women have not been treated like black women...In the 60's white women approached the black women in the civil rights..some sisters left our fight to fight for women...then once they got what they needed they turned their backs on black women..women got the vote in 1920,black women down south..1967,68......where were all the feminists in the 30's,40's,50's and 60's...they were upholding white supremacy because it works for them..privilege is a helluva drug.....when Jane Elliot asks white women would they switch places with us they all are quiet...that right there speaks volumes..we have not enslaved any races in america,so i feel we should not be trying to extend olive branches..should be the other way around...great ep tho...cuz i rocks with Ms.Elliot..." one viewer wrote.

Another said, "Wow.. this episode was absolutely amazing Jada! I think you guys did a fabulous job with acknowledging how most of us feel. When your mom mentioned the emotional feelings she had against white women with our men, I think the anger comes from our men Putting white women on a pedestal once they are with them. That’s the anger that I have. When will we be considered beautiful just because or acknowledged bc of our assets and what beauty should look like? Thank you so much for doing this talk. And shout out to Jane Elliott! She definitely tells it like it is😁"

Do you agree with Jada?