Jacquees revealed during a recent interview that Ella Mai has not spoken to him since his remix was taken down by her label.

The singer caught some heat after he released a remix of Ella Mai's "Trip," and even shot a video for it, which was subsequently taken down from YouTube and Soundcloud.

Fans initially called Ella Mai out for pulling the remix, claiming that she was salty that his remix was hotter than her original. It was revealed shortly after that her labelhead DJ Mustard issued a cease and desist. 

Jacquees calls the British singer his "homie" but admits that she has not spoken to him since the incident occurred. He told The Breakfast Club that she actually dug the Quemix:

 "I remember I put it out and Ella Mai commented under it. She put all the fire [emojis] up under the sh*t," he told them.

But then it all went left.

"Shout out to [Ella Mai]. 'Cause her really my homie," he said. "I ain't talk to her since all that shit happened.

"We was friends, we still friends, you know what I'm sayin'? I ain't gon' say was, because I'm a real n*gga... That's still my dawg. And I understand she a female and I understand that she's surrounded by a bunch of n*ggas."

He also denied that tried to monetize his remix of her track:

"I dropped it on my Soundcloud. And the director who shot the [remix's] video, he dropped it on his YouTube; and, of course, when you drop it on YouTube, that's how you monetize... But it's all good [...] Mustard should've put it together, bruh. I mean, of course, they had their own success, but the fans, the people, they wanted it."

Watch the full interview below.