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Wade Robeson's ex-girlfriend - Michael Jackson's niece Brandi Jackson - is exposing him for lying in his new documentary about the King Of Pop.

Brandi claims that she and Wade used to date, and that Wade cheated on her multiple times. She also claims that they "dated" during the years that Wade claimed he was being molested by her famous uncle.

MJ's niece also told fans that Wade is lying about being abused, just so that he can be famous.

Here's what she wrote:


Wade Robson is a 36-year-old choreographer from Brisbane, Australia who claims that he was molested by Michael Jackson. He is the subject of a new documentary about Michael - which depicts the King Of Pop was a serial rapist of children.

Michael estate calls the film "slanderous" and "full of lies." They plan on bringing a lawsuit to keep the film off of television.

The letter written by estate attorney Howard Weitzman and released to the Associated Press states that Leaving Neverland, which is set to be shown in early March, makes no attempt at getting a response to the accusers from Jackson’s estate, family, friends or others who have defended his reputation as required by the channel’s standards for factual programming and basic journalistic ethics.

The letter cites a section of the publicly available guidelines that state if a show makes “significant allegations” then “those concerned should be given an appropriate and timely opportunity to respond”.

“I think we can all agree that the false allegations being made in your ‘documentary’ are ‘significant allegations’,” the letter states, adding “it is hard to imagine more significant accusations that can possibly be made against anyone.”

Wade's claims are surprising, because he has openly settled that Michael NEVER abused him in the past. In fact, Wade was the star witness in Michael's criminal trial. He told the jury then, under oath, that Michael never molested him.

Wade began performing as a dancer at the age of five.

When Wade was nine, he and his family relocated to America. He appeared in three of Jackson's music videos - Black and White, Jam, and Heal The World.